The Good Samaritan Benefit for Caleb Graves

I’ve been so delayed on this post but  The Good Samaritan Benefit for Caleb Graves was a huge success, halleluyah!

For those who don’t know the background:  On August 21, 2011 Caleb was in a hit and run accident that night after playing drums at a youth service called 212 at (Victory World Church) in Metro Atlanta.  He was hit by a car while helping a man push his stranded car out of the intersection.   He took spot on the car for one of the guys pushing.  If Caleb  hadn’t taken that man’s place the other man would have been hit instead.   The driver of the vehicle got out and ran.  Caleb lost his leg through this tragic accident but his faith in Jesus, his then fiancée Victoria, and his passion for serving Christ through music has aided in the healing process.  Click here to see Caleb’s testimony first hand or go to

We have raised $7,000.00 and the donations have continued to come in!  And even though the event has come and gone the website remains up as does the fund account for Caleb.  You can still go to or – they both will deposit directly into his trust fund.

Meanwhile, we truly had such a wonderful time and I hope you were there! I can’t wait to be in heaven just to see the spiritual side of everything that’s gone on!  If you weren’t there then I hope you’ll enjoy the photos and we’ll get to see you at the next Set Ablaze event!


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